Do you wish you could combine a fun day of team building with a day of outreach in support of your corporate social responsibility? Does the idea of helping others in need, whilst achieving the goals of team development get you feeling all warm and tingly inside? Then this is definitely the team build for you!

Rhino notching experience

Rhino notching experience

In this team build you will have the opportunity to engage with non-profit organizations on registered projects in and around Durban all addressing various needs and communities. TVG assists with creating a tailor made day for your group, incorporating team building group dynamic challenges with outreach work. This is a hard hitting day, an emotional roller coaster, combining fun, physical activities with empowering skills and self development.

Activities can include: Ice Breakers, Group Dynamics and Problem solving activities, navigation and clue deciphering (Amazing Race style), packing of goodie bags or food hampers, painting, woodwork, brick laying, gardening and sooooo much more!

Who should I choose the Community Outreach team build?

You know they saying you “don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great” If this is your motto, then this is the team build for you! It is ideal for small groups (30 or less) but is able to accommodate larger teams as well if need be.

Where do we do this team build?

This team build is done mostly in and around Durban, as we work closely together with non profit organizations in the city.  Only when we do the Rhino notching experience do we need to spend time in a game reserve somewhere in the province, depending on Project Rhino KZN requirements.

What projects could we be involved with?

Projects include the likes of Robin Hood Foundation, Missing Children South Africa and Project Rhino KZN.

This team build is adaptable to any age group, ability, sex or fitness level, and is available both indoors & out.  It can occur over 1-5 hours depending how much time you have available and can be split before and after lunch or over two days.