Marabaraba Game

Marabaraba Game

South Africa and our African continent is home to a variety of cultural indigenous games that require lots of tactful consideration and skill. You and your team need to test the barriers of what it takes to be a born and bred champion by trying your hand at these various school yard games and activities. These challenges include activities such as:

  • Marabaraba
  • Jukskei
  • Stokkies/3 sticks
  • Diketo
  • Kgati/skipping
  • Blikkies/tins
  • Donkey…and much much more

With traditional games such as these we’ll bring you back to your childhood roots. Two teams will take on each other and rotate between the various stations, until completion of all the stations. The whole event takes approx. 3 – 5 hours from start to finish – including a prize giving.

We provide all the equipment, paraphernalia, staff (Facilitators & MC), set-up, clean-up, background music, PA system and Management of the day.

What is Marabaraba?

A game of warfare and tacticians – very similar to Chess. Players or teams each get 12 discs (cows) and need to place them one by one on an intersection on the board (consisting of 3 squares inside each other with all corners linked). If the player can place 3 discs in a row (vertically, diagonally or horizontally) they may take one of the opposing teams discs off the board…this goes on in various ways until you have a winner.

How to play Diketo?

Draw a circle on the ground table. Place pebbles in circle and allow players to compete by throwing heavier pebble up in the air with one hand and then using the same hand to slide pebbles out of circle before catching the heavy pebble again. If unsuccessful the opponent gets a turn. If successful the player keeps going by returning each pebble one by one back into the circle or kraal. First player to get all pebbles out & back into kraal is the winner.

What is Donkey?

A fantastic running game that is lots and lots of fun. With a number of players and the use of a Tennis ball being thrown straight up, high into the air and a number shouted while other team members need to then run away and avoid getting hit by the ball once it has been retrieved. If hit by the ball or flinch once the term Freeze has been called they will be penalized with a letter behind their name. The game is restarted until someone racks up D, O, N, K, E, Y which eliminates them from the game.

What is Jukskei?

It is a traditional sport invented in South Africa and currently played internationally as a registered sporting code. Generally – Jukskei is played by placing a “Pin” or yardstick approx. 15m away in the centre of a sand pit. Players then throw their “Skittels” or “Hammers” from behind a line to see who gets closest to the “Pin”, ideally knocking over the pin.

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