Group Selfie on the D'Urban Challenge

Group Selfie on the D’Urban Challenge

In 1835 Port Natal had its name changed to Durban, in commemoration of Sir Benjamin D’Urban and achievements in human rights protections made by Britain. At the time Kwa-Zulu Natal was a British Colony.

The D’Urban Challenge takes participants on an “amazing race” style journey through the magnificent city of Durban. You will have an opportunity to visit some of the cities major attractions, with the option of including some of the unknown gems as well. A fun and exciting day out of the office, challenging yourself and your team mates all the way to the finish line.

Activities can include: Ice Breakers, Group Dynamics and Problem solving activities, navigation and clue deciphering, Segway rides, rickshaw rides, surf rafting, cappuccino challenge, cycling, photographic “selfie” challenge

Who should I choose the D’Urban Challenge team build?

Because Durban is an awesome city, filled with culture, color and life. Its “vibe” is invigorating, and challenging yourself both mentally and physically in such a stimulating environment is something which your teams will not easily forget.

Where do we do this team build?

The team build usually starts off on the beachfront, and from their the route is dictated by the stops we include along the way, and your chosen mode of transport. If you opt for an “on foot” option, we will make use of the more localized attractions such as Moses Mabhida, uShaka and Mini Town. If cars, buses, taxis etc are used we are able to “expand our horizon” a little to include more distant venues in and around the city such as Phezulu, KwaMuhle Museum and the Victoria Street Market.

To get a good idea of how “BIG” one could go on a team build challenge of this nature, read about the GO Durban Amazing Race we did earlier this year.

What does an amazing team build like this cost?

The costs vary depending on the chosen mode of transport for the day, and the special inclusions you would like to add, but we are able to tailor make this experience to suit your budget. Contact us to get a quote today!

This team build is adaptable to any age group, ability, sex or fitness level, and is available both indoors & out.  It can occur over 1-5 hours depending how much time you have available and can be split before and after lunch or over two days.