GO Durban Amazing Race finish

GO Durban Amazing Race finish

“GO!Durban is the term, and brand, used to refer to Durban’s very own Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network. The project involves state-of-the-art transportation, professional city planners and several other highly skilled workstreams collaborating to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that common goals are achieved within the designated timeframe”. ( www.godurban.co.zaTVG planned a city wide Amazing race for the GO Durban management and planning teams. The race took participants on a journey through the city and surrounding areas using only public transport including buses, taxis and trains, as well as bicycles.  Along the route teams were challenged with TVG’s unique, stimulating group dynamics games.

The route

Teams met in the early ours of the morning at the busy Durban Station. After a short welcome and a few energizing ice breakers, teams were given their race packs filled with snacks, drinks and useful items of equipment and set of on their Durban journey. First stop was Kwa-Mashu Station. This leg of the journey was done by train, a 45min trip one way.

Hereafter teams had to take a taxi to the Bridge City Mall in Kwa-Mashu where a few group dynamics challenges awaited them, before getting their next clue, which led them by taxi to Pinetown.

From Pinetown it was a short bus ride to Warwick Junction, followed by a quick hop on the People Mover to the Workshop where the cycle challenge awaited them.

The short cycle ride took them from The Workshop to Moses Mabhida Stadium, where the excited crowds were waiting to usher the race participants

Do you want your own GO Durban amazing race?

This route and race can be used by other groups wanting to explore the far reaches of our amazing city, or elements of it could be used in your next D’Urban Challenge to make for an exciting and different experience for your teams.

What would something like this cost?

Based on a group of +/- 40 participants, you could expect to pay R600.00 per person for a full day of activities. This would include lunch packs, travel fares, equipment, facilitation and clothing items.