Murder mystery dinner

Murder mystery dinner

The mystery and intrigue is captivating! An evening where you get to leave your everyday life behind, and enter into your very own murder mystery play, complete with character descriptions, props, themed music, scripts and a whole lot of fun. If you are looking for a fun ending to a long day of meeting and conferences, or you would like to bring a bit of spice to your year end function then this is the team build for you.

How it works:

Without giving away to many details…(after all the team build is mysterious by nature)

Each player receives their own personal invite to attend “the dinner party of a lifetime” Their invitation lets them know which character they will play in the mystery, and gives a character profile. This profile is needed in order ensure that you arrive “dressed for the occasion”

At dinner, everyone is provided with their script, and the game begins! The game takes place throughout dinner, with each section of the play fitting in between starter, main course and dessert. As the game unfolds players start to draw their own conlusions as to who the killer may be, until the truth is finally revealed at the end of the game.

Who should do this team build?

This team build is a great way to bring new life to a company function, or year end dinner. It is also a great add on to the end of a full day conference.

Where do we do this team build?

The team build is best done in a restaurant where you can gain exclusive use (things can get a little rowdy) With the use of a catering company, the team build can be done just about anywhere, even your board room or home.

We have our own mobile function venues, complete with decor, catering, music and lighting, so we can really do this team build just about anywhere!

How many people do we need for this team build to be most enjoyable?

It is best done with groups larger than 10. Ideal is 20 – 40 players. We usually don’t do this team build for groups smaller than 10

We provide you with a PA system, scripts, actors and facilitators, and can also assist with supplying catering and waiting services.