Giant Foosball Field

Giant Foosball Field

Become a defender in your very own, life size foosball field. Take on your colleagues, friends and family, and show them your great goal scoring abilities. Foosball is great, but GIANT FOOSBALL is way better! Get in the spirit of the World Cup, and get your own tournament started today!

What is Foosball?

Traditionally foosball is a game of soccer played on a table. Two teams controlled by two or more players (usually not more than four) compete against each other controlling the “players” with small handles on the outside of the table.

In GIANT FOOSBALL, you actually become the player. Two teams, made up of 8 players per team, compete against each other. Each player is bound to another and to the field perimeter with bungee cord. The perimeter of the field as well as the goal posts are all inflatable and human contact friendly 🙂 . Working together as a team you defend your goals, and attack against the opposition when the opportunity presents itself.

Activities can include:

Ice Breakers on arrival. Giant foosball tournament. We can include group dynamics challenges or other sporting activities to the day, should you wish to make a full on sports or fun day out of the event.

Where can I play GIANT FOOSBALL?

This game is best played outdoors on the grass or on the beach. The field is fully mobile, and so can be set up just about anywhere, even a car park or warehouse, however, soft grass or beach sand is preferable.

You can also add Foosball to a whole host of other activities to make your very own Sports Day, or Family Fun Day

Can TVG assist with creating a uniform for my team?

Absolutely! TVG is able to assist with all sort of clothing and gifting requirements. We can put together a full on kit for your team, including branded soccer shirts, shorts, socks, and even boots. We can even get your soccer ball branded if you like, makes for a great gift for the winning team.

What does it cost?

The costs vary depending on whether you would like to do just the GIANT FOOSBALL, or whether you would like to add the foosball to a fun day or sports day. For the day it will usually cost R4,500.00 – R6,000.00 ex vat, which will include equipment hire, and facilitation of all the games. Contact us to get a quote today!

This team build is adaptable to any age group, ability, sex or fitness level, and is available both indoors & out.  It can occur over 1-5 hours depending how much time you have available and can be split before and after lunch or over two days or more.