Foosball at a Sports Day

Foosball at a Sports Day

A great way to get the entire office, as well as all their family members together for a day of team building and fun! There is something extremely unifying about sport, and in fact it was sport that played a key role in uniting a divided nation after the 1994 democratic elections in South Africa.

What goes into a Sports Day?

Sports Days require a lot of planning if they are to be both effective and fun. TVG has over 20 years experience in creating and managing sports days for both corporate clients and youth groups. Our sports days come standard with highly trained, qualified facilitators to oversea each event or activity. We bring with us all the equipment, and can arrange with reserving a suitable venue. Of course, no sports day is complete without great food, something we also bring to the table (no pun intended 🙂 )

Activities can include:

Ice Breakers on arrival, followed by, mini cricket, touch rugby, action soccer, giant foosball, netball, volleyball, soccer skills, penalty shootout, indigenous games and so much more!

Where can I do a Sports Day for my team?

There are a variety of venues available for this team build, and we have all the contacts you would need, so give us a shout to start planning your Sports Day today.

What about the kids?

TVG is able to turn your sports day into a full on family fun day if you like? We arrange a kiddies zone, complete with face painters, clowns, magicians, arts and crafts, jumping castle, the works! For the not so little kids, we have loads of fun activities such as the crazy celebrity inflatable challenge, carnival zone, complete with fun rides (mecanical bull, mechanical surfboard etc) zorb balls, carnival stands and the list goes on! Your very own circus (minus the poor animals 🙂 )

Can TVG assist with creating a uniform for my team?

Absolutely! TVG is able to assist with all sort of clothing and gifting requirements. We can put together a full on kit for your team, including branded soccer shirts, shorts, socks, and even boots. We can even get your soccer ball branded if you like, makes for a great gift for the winning team.

What does it cost?

The costs vary depending on the various activities included in the day. Contact us to get a quote today!

This team build is adaptable to any age group, ability, sex or fitness level, and is available both indoors & out.  It can occur over 1-5 hours depending how much time you have available and can be split before and after lunch or over two days or more.