TVG 4 – Month SMART Programme for GAP Year Students

2014 Gap students receiving their certificates from Kingsley Holgate

2014 Gap students receiving their certificates from Kingsley Holgate

S:  Sports Studies, Fitness & Event Planning.

M:  Management & Leadership Programmes.

A:  Adventure Industry Qualifications.

R:  Real Life Skills Training.

T:  Training for a life of Adventure.


To give young people an opportunity to learn skills and experience growth opportunities as well as to become outstanding entrepreneurs, employees & nation builders.   This is done in a structured manner in a team environment, while working towards defined goals and weekly targets.

  • Are you leaving School or university and don’t know exactly what to study or do next year?
  • Do you need to make a change from what you are doing now?
  • Do you want to be fit and have an adventurous & life-changing experience that will give you a foundation for success in whatever you choose to do?

TVG offers all of this combined with solid skills training and real qualifications in a diverse area of interests.

The TVG Gap Year Course is specifically designed to give young people a chance to experience a wide range of beneficial skills & exposures to opportunities that build confidence, leadership & life- long memories. It is guaranteed to grow you as a person & give you a solid background to be a success in whatever path you choose to go.

The 4 month course covers four diverse, but relevant aspects for young people embarking on a life journey:

  • Module A. Real Life Skills & Practical Business / Financial Preparation;
  • Module B.  Adventure Industry Professional;
  • Module C. Fitness Studies, incl. thorough fitness programme; as well as Hospitality, Catering, Eventing & Pursuits;
  • Module D.  Community Service & Work Experience.

Each one of these aspects has courses within that combine to create an excellent curriculum for any individual. Whether or not the candidate decides to pursue any or all of these courses further beyond the gap year – the courses and experiences within will not be a waste. If they do however decide to pursue any course further, then credit towards further progress will most definitely count.

What makes this course different from the many other GAP Year courses out there is the fact that there is a great balance between training courses & work experience. Often sitting through courses for the sake of doing courses is pointless. It is a proven fact that without work experience & the ethic that comes from it – students are not prepared for life to the same extent as those who did get work experience.

The second point which makes this course unique is price! Starting from R24 000 for the core modules – students can decide to participate in further courses & training depending on their likes, interests or future prospects.  The fact that the course is 4 months is also specifically designed – so that it is not an entire year’s break, allowing the student to move forward in any of the specific directions the course (or life) introduces them to.

The various courses that make up the entire program are provided by the best training providers in their fields, as well as many value adding courses run in-house. Students are fully accommodated & fed for the duration of the course – at various venues and destinations. They will be responsible for making their own meals & housekeeping (under supervision) for various aspects of the training.

Note that it is possible to independently source training providers for each of the courses – back to back, while staying at home, however the benefits of each student progressing in a group structure, away from home, among peers & colleagues in a safe, disciplined & structured environment – are worth much more in the greater scheme of personal development.  The networking aspect alone – mingling with successful people in organisations such as Rotary, toastmasters, etc. – is worth its weight in gold.

After successful completion of the course: candidates will have met the requirements to achieve a bronze status “Presidents Shield Award” – with opportunity to go forward and achieve Silver or Gold if they so wish (as further time beyond the course duration is required)

Core Courses:

  • Computer Skills
  • Public Speaking & Presentation skills
  • Personal & real Financial Planning Workshops
  • Leadership Modules
  • DIY & Maintenance Skills
  • Certification Sport Courses
  • Adventure Industry Qualification Courses
  • Emergency First Response – First Aid
  • Travel Planning Workshops
  • Community Service & Work Roles
  • Hospitality & Catering

Elective Courses:

  • River Guide Courses
  • Mountaineering Courses
  • SCUBA Courses
  • Sailing / Power Boat Skipper Courses
  • Wilderness Trail Guide Courses
  • Photography Courses
  • Advanced Driving Courses
  • Many More, depending on personal preference.

For any Queries regarding the TVG SMART Programme, please feel free to email Michelle at, or call us on (031) 201 0198