Capture the Moment

This week, TVG spent a day at Tala Game Reserve with the Food Solutions team from Unilever, and what a team they were! A well coordinated team, full of vibrant, energized and focused members, ready to tackle any challenge presented to them.

The day started of with a short mindfulness session beneath the beautiful fig trees outside of Fig Tree Lodge. The main aim of the exercise was get focused on the day ahead, and to be conscious of enjoying the moment, and not allowing ones mind to wonder onto other concerns. The session was facilitated by Diego from the Inner Wellness Studio

From here it was off to the game drive vehicles, but this game drive was not going to be an ordinary drive, this game drive had some PURPOSE. The teams had to challenge themselves to think outside the box to achieve certain outcomes throughout the afternoon. These involved engaging with the nature guides, wildlife, and their colleagues. Throughout all the activities, the teams had to “Capture the Moment” with their cameras or cellphones, for later use in presentations to each other.

A really fun day was had by all, and we look forward to meeting with members of the team again in the future. Visit our Facebook page for pics from the day.

Are you keen on “Capturing the Moment with TVG? Contact us for more details or 031 701 2845