Community outreach in Durban

Community outreach in Durban

Why not combine your company team build with a bit of Corporate Social Responsibility?

TVG has a variety of packages available to cater to your companies team building requirements, whilst at the same time positively impacting on your corporate social responsibility. Some highlights include the Santa Dash, The Charitable Construct and the Renew and Repair packages.

Why should I combine CSR and team building?

There truly is no better feeling than giving to those in need. Combining team building and CSR on the same day creates a heightened sense of satisfaction with the days results, ensuring longevity of achievements. Teams come together as an effective unit when the end goal is a cumulative donation to a needy cause. Seeing the results of your teams hard efforts in the deep and sincere appreciation of those who directly benefit from your team build, will result in long lasting and hard hitting positive team building results.

Where do we do these team builds?

Choice of venue will depend on the package which you choose. The Charitable Construct can be facilitated at your offices, in a boardroom, conference room, or even outdoors. Santa Dash will take your groups into shopping malls, shops and built up urban areas. Renew and Repair requires the group to visit project sites, where they will participate in the necessary work to be done, such as painting, decorating etc.

Company benefits of combining CSR and team building

TVG works together with a registered non-profit organization (Robin Hood Foundation) in all of our CSR team builds. Socio-Economic development or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is one of the most simple routes for companies to “give back” to society and to build a strong image as a caring corporate citizen as well as to earn BBBEE points.
The Robin Hood Foundation is wholly dependant on donor funding. Donations are tax deductible and a tax certificate will be issued for inclusion in tax returns.

Donations can qualify organizations to score BBBEE points. The full value of the contributions made is recognizable if at least 75% of the value directly benefits previously disadvantaged South Africans. The beneficiaries of the Robin Hood Foundation are more than 90% previously disadvantaged.

Business enterprises with an annual turnover of between R5 million and R35 million who donate 1% of net profit after tax will receive 25 points towards their BBBEE scorecard.

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