Santa Dash

Santa Dash

Santa Dash is an “Amazing Race on Foot” with a difference! Fun filled, mentally and sometimes physically challenging, this team build with a purpose of building stronger teams, whilst giving back to those in need, is sure to get your groups going!

What is Santa Dash all about?

In the spirit of giving, your teams will be challenged through a variety of group dynamic activities, puzzles and clues to navigate their way through a maze of shops and malls, in search of a variety of gift items for impoverished youth, and orphaned children of South Africa. Along the way, groups will have to overcome a variety of obstacles, and solve a variety of challenges in order to move on to the next stage of the activities.

Participants in the team build all get to wear a Santa suit, or just the Santa hat if preferred, after all, Christmas is in Summer in South Africa.

Depending on time and availability, groups will also be able to participate in the distribution of gifts.

Where do we do this team build?

This team build can be done in a variety of locations. One requirement being that the group has access to shops where the required items can be purchased.

Please note that we can do this team build throughout the year, after all, need is not a seasonal thing.

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