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Build a Bike

Build a Bike

The Charitable Construct can take on may shapes. The basic idea behind this activity is that your group physically builds items which will be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation as gifts for impoverished youth.

What sort of items would we build?

The most popular items built include bicycles, teddy bears and other educational play items. Bicycles in particular are very useful items for youth in the more marginalized areas, where children walk great distances every day to get to and from school. Another popular item is the “Survival Drum” This handy kit includes a selection of items needed by families in crisis. These items include cooking and storage equipment, blankets, food items, medical supplies and more.

Survival drum

Survival drum

Where is this team build facilitated?

Since the activities require putting together a selection of items to create one finished product, and all the component used are small in size, we are able to facilitate this team build at any venue of your choice, including you offices. The Charitable Construct includes a variety of group dynamic challenges to mentally and physically challenge the team. We can also facilitate this team build in an “Amazing Race on Foot” type basis, where participants will have to first search for items, before actually beginning the construction phase of the activity.

If you are wondering what are the benefits of doing this type of a team build, please visit this blog post.

If you are interested in The Charitable Construct, please contact us for further details.

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