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Cocktail Making

Definitely a team building activity your employees won’t roll their eyes at, while you could always have a beer with a co-worker it’s not nearly as interactive as making cocktails. It is also a great means for a little friendly office competition. 

The session kicks off with casual ice breakers to help the participants get into the swing off things after lunch.  The group will then be requested to get back into their teams from the morning session.  The group is then split into smaller teams before the activity starts.  


All teams will receive recipes however before they begin tackling the cocktails.  Teams will have to create, garnish and name their recipes and at the end of each round our facilitators will score / judge each team.   


Depending on the how much time is allocated to the session, we can also incorporate some group dynamics


The day is ended off with a casual prize giving where teams receive fun booby prizes