Corporate Team Building Packages

Our packages are tailor made according to your required outcome, available time and budget.  We believe in reaching our outcomes by participating in fun activities where the participants are encourage to draw the experience back to the workplace.  This way they have a positive outlook on their goals and targets while finding solutions to obstacles as a team without being under pressure in a boardroom.

6 Most wanted packages:

TVG Day of Adventure

Filled with heart racing physical activities to challenge the team. READ MORE

TVG Leave no One Behind

Each member an integral part of the game, this team build ensures that no one will ever be “left behind” again. READ MORE

TVG EQ Challenge

TVG EQ CHALLENGE Do you have issues in the workplace that seem insurmountable? Is there a sense of unhappiness in the workplace, but you can’t exactly pinpoint what the possible READ MORE

TVG Minute to Win it

Based on another popular TV Series our facilitators will meet your group and get the atmosphere set with some energizing games and ice breakers! These are short 5 to 10 READ MORE

TVG Amazing Race on Foot

A communication builder teaching the team to focus on the main goal. READ MORE

TVG Survivor

Building a winning team, with physical and mental challenges. READ MORE

Other packages

And so much more!

Note that all our corporate team building packages and courses are of the highest standard and are tailor-made to suit our clients’ individual requirements. We consider your budget, your available time frame and your desired outcome. The Ventures Group takes pride in being mobile, diverse, environmentally aware, safe and competitively priced. We can add prizes and gifts to each event and can provide branded clothing and caps to add onto the atmosphere of a function.