Brand Activations

Brand activation is never an easy task; the secret is to understand that it is all about building a long term emotional connection between the brands the customer. At The Ventures Group we know how to identify the right target market, we know how to connect with that target market and we know how to activate your brand in the most exciting and entertaining way possibly creating that long lasting want for your product from your client.

Our team will design a stand within your budget and we have a 100% 1st and 2nd place rating for our client’s stands at every event we have activated, from Golf Days, to Sports Days to Expos.

It is all about the theme and with our active corporate eventing and entertainment team we have no shortage on creativity.

Put us to the test, we guarantee success.

Brands we activate on a regular basis.

  • Jockey
  • Ceres
  • Black Berry
  • Pepsi
  • Mega Dome
  • Liquafruit

Call us with a brief of your product, a short explanation on your ideal target market and the budget you have to spend and we will come up with an activation that will blow you away.