Branding Warehouse

The Branding Warehouse is a division of The Ventures Group that does everything from storage, to stock takes to cleaning! We are here to ensure that your branding is professionally managed, stored and maintained. Proper inventory, cleaning and maintenance ensures the longevity of your products. Trusted and timeous access and turnaround time is something we pride ourselves in achieving.

Our Branding warehouse conveniently located in the center of Durban offers a safe and convenient place for you to store your branding and promotional items while not in use.

We offer:

  • Secure storage.
  • Easy access to all items for everyday use.
  • Computerized inventory systems.
  • A cleaning service upon the return of items.
  • An option for us to set up your promotional stands.
  • Options on the re-printing of banners, gazebos and other promotional items.
  • Courier options within South Africa.

Visit our full Branding Warehouse website