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COVID-19 Solution

Bringing the outdoor experience to your school!

Whilst maintaining strict COVID safety protocols.

And ensuring social distancing. 

The reality of Leadership Development

We will bring our portable units to your school or suggest an adventure centre in your area.

Traditionally, scholars have been given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, outdoor education knowledge and life skills by attending a variety of different Outdoor Education Centers, Camps and Providers throughout the country – as arranged by their schools.

Unfortunately, due to Economic pressures, Government funded venues and private funding for these leadership camps have dwindled and practically become non-existent within certain schools. This deprives less fortunate students the opportunity to develop these leadership skills and learn through experiential learning and adventure experiences.

The Solution – “Leadership School”

We all agree that it is imperative that each scholar develops their leadership & life skills. We have devised a plan to provide the students with this type of training facility by developing a Leadership School in your area. 

These Leadership School facilities replicate the activities, environment and tools needed by qualified and experienced facilitators & instructors from The Ventures Group, to help educate the students. The courses therefore become affordable since there are NO additional costs involved in terms of Transport, Accommodation, Meals and specific required personal items.

Students come to school as per normal, participate in a structured program consisting of adventure activities and workshops with measurable outcomes. At the end of the day they return home, like they would do any other normal school day.

It is important to understand that “Leadership” cannot be taught, BUT that it can be learnt and developed. This only happens if individuals continually get the correct exposure to experiences in their developmental program from which to make their own decisions. The success of this project therefore rests on the sustainability and continual reinforcement of positive experiences.

How does it work?

These Leadership Development Courses are held twice or three times per year per grade and each participant receives a certificate on the successful completion of these courses. These courses follow content that is in line with the Department of Education’s life skills outcome based requirements and develop each participant holistically. Many schools & governing bodies endorse these courses and happily allocate dates for these courses during normal school hours throughout the year – allowing all to participate and develop.

Daily courses consist of between six or seven 45 minute rotations and a 30 minute break with 2 Grade-relevant workshops, Three Outdoor Adventure activities, Group Dynamic challenges and age-relevant Problem-Solving activities. As previously mentioned – the enitre program is grade-specific and according to the required outcomes of the school or program.

The Benefit of a “Leadership School”

No more paying hundreds & thousands of Rands for outdoor educational tours – as of now you can participate in the program and all its activities for under R200 per course! That means you have access to courses including all the workshops, certificates and participation in activities such as Wall Climbing, Raft Building, Obstacle Courses, Archery, Group Dynamics and a variety of other exciting activities. Each course is paid separately, allowing you time to save for the next course.

Themes and Focus areas / Learning Outcomes

Gr 3 – Outdoor Play 

Gr 4 – Adventure

Gr 5 – Building Relationships

Gr 6 – Self-Confidence

Gr 7 – Team Leadership Principles

Gr 8 – Bonding

Gr 9 – Self-Development

Gr 10 – Motivation

Gr 11 – Leadership (Young Adult)

Gr 12 – Life Skills & Entrepreneurship