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Self-Managed Activities

If you are limited by budget then a self-managed event may be the perfect solution; packed with all the fun and engagement of our fully-managed events the only difference is you play on your own devices. Just fill in the form opposite and a member of our team will be in touch… 

Our self-managed package highlights:

  • Low-cost team event ideal for smaller groups
  • You’re in charge of timings – events can take place morning, noon or night!
  • You will use your own mobile devices
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

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Add Remote Support

One of our experienced event managers will monitor your game online and send instant feedback to your answers. They will also score your photo challenges based on effort and creativity, enabling teams to see scores change in real-time, adding another competitive element to the event.

Our remote support highlights:

  • An Event Manager to monitor the event online in real-time
  • Your Event Manager can turn off the live scoreboard towards the end of the challenge to create suspense and enhance competitive spirit!
  • Access to an online photo and video presentation at the end of the event
  • One telephone point of contact for all teams should they require support