Team Building

Team Building – Gamification Team Building Sub-License

Team Building has been the core of our business since 1994 and the app has been perfectly designed to support indoor and outdoor events. We are actively seeking licensing partners across the country who wish to either integrate technology into their business, upgrade from their existing licensing platform or replace their own in-house app. With a Gamification Team Building Sub-License, you will not only benefit from our constantly evolving app on iOS and Android, but also from access to our experienced team and global partners who between them delivered over 2000 events last year.

Becoming a Gamification Sub-licensee means you’ll join a whole host of like-minded individuals, who are all part of the Gamification Global Community; representing their region, running global events and sharing ideas.

If you are a forward-thinking company that believes you could make more of the massive opportunities and growth that technology can provide, then please get in touch now.