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Cryptic messages, secret codes and covert missions –  all features of the exciting Virtual Spy School challenge.

Tasked with a number of challenges, teams will need to channel their inner spy to succeed and reign supreme. Each team armed with their own cellphones and laptops for Zoom need to complete a range of spy-inspired tasks, challenges and questions, designed to hone your spy skills. Once your spy skills are up to scratch, you’ll need to use all your newfound abilities to work out who killed Agent Kelly. An eye for detail, a magnificent memory and a competitive streak is what’s required of you and your fellow spies for this fun, competitive team event.

You’ll need to keep tabs on opposing teams during the event and work against the clock to complete a range of missions! Using the interactive map and live scoreboard, teams will need to unlock questions and challenges, which include photo and video tasks designed to get team members interacting, working together and using their creativity.

How it works

Interactive Maps & Game Screen

Once you’ve downloaded our app (Mobile Adventures), taken a team selfie and chosen a fun team name you’ll be able to join the game! You’ll then be presented with an interactive map with an array of interactive hotspots.

Interactive challenges

As you click each ‘hotspot’ a new set of challenges will release onto your device, prompting you to use augmented reality to unlock clues, shoot a video, answer a question or get creative with props! Each question you answer correctly will score you points – you can keep track of other teams on the live scoreboard!